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A woman in a bespoke custom wedding gown standing on stairs.
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A pleated veil logo for artisan plait.

Elissa Marie Design presents an elegant pleated veil collection that captures the timeless beauty of a dying craft. Featuring the work of one of the world’s oldest pleating studios, Speciality Pleaters. We include pieces pleated entirely by hand, demanding meticulous attention to detail in a time-consuming process. The result is a collection of exquisitely crafted and unique pieces that elude replication by modern machinery.

This age-old art form dates back centuries to the ancient Egyptians, who wore intricately pleated fine linens. Hand pleating is still the height of couture standard today, favoured by European fashion houses for its elusive balance of softness and precision. Sadly, the skills required for the technique are vanishing into myth, with only a handful of artisans around the world still practicing.

Established in Melbourne in 1925, Speciality Pleaters is one of only two studios in Australia still offering hand pleating. Elissa Marie Design has an immense appreciation for the artisans keeping this fine art alive. We are proud to be able to support them by introducing this pleated veil collection.

A deeply romantic veil collection that celebrates texture and dimension, gliding from subtle luxury to architectural drama. Spilling with pieces that inspire chic minimalist looks, it offers elevated additions to your wedding day ritual.

Any of the pleated veils pair perfectly with our Baroque Pearl Gown or,  contact Elissa to create your dream gown to match the veil of your choice.


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