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A woman wearing a handcrafted wedding dress is sitting on a blue couch.


The Designer

Elissa, a renowned designer celebrated for her meticulously hand-crafted, custom wedding gowns. She is committed to providing brides-to-be with an unparalleled design experience. Specializing in couture bespoke wedding gowns, Elissa’s creations are a testament to the unique style and personality of each bride.
Based in Gippsland, Elissa operates from her home studio and also provides meeting options for clients in Melbourne. She warmly invites brides to collaborate closely throughout the entire design process. Ensuring a truly personalised journey from the initial concept to the final fitting.
Under Elissa’s expert guidance, clients have the exclusive opportunity to hand-select the finest fabrics and laces sourced from around the world. This ensures that each gown is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

An artisan woman standing in a studio holding a piece of paper, showcasing her custom bridal gown designs.
An artisan woman is carefully draping a handcrafted dress on a mannequin
A woman standing in a room admiring a timeless bespoke bridal gown hanging on the wall.

Attention to detail

Elissa believes that all her custom wedding gowns should be more than a beautiful garment. They should be a true representation of the wearer’s personality, enhancing their confidence and inner beauty. With over a decade of experience, Elissa meticulously employs traditional couture techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Each gown is approached as a work of art, with unwavering attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and an exceptional finish.

Formally trained at RMIT University, Elissa honed her skills by working with renowned couturiers in Melbourne. Subsequently, she established her own label, Elissa Marie Design, in 2015. Her modern design sensibilities complement and enhance her mastery of traditional dressmaking techniques. Allowing her to push boundaries and create innovative wedding gown designs.

To provide the utmost personalized service, Elissa accepts only a limited number of clients each year. This ensures that every bride receives her full attention and benefits from her dedication. This results in the creation of the perfect wedding gown. With Elissa’s expertise, your dream wedding dress becomes a reality. Designed to be cherished and passed down as an heirloom for generations to come. Choose Elissa Marie Design for a bespoke wedding gown that truly captures your individuality and style, creating an everlasting memory of your special day.

A woman creating timeless bespoke bridal gowns in a dressmaking studio.
A woman is holding a piece of fabric in front of a window, showcasing her handcrafted wedding gown.
A woman is holding a large piece of paper displaying bespoke wedding dresses.

Custom Wedding Gowns

The Process


Meet with me and discuss the style, vision and ideas for your gown. As we delve into all your wedding plans so far, you’ll not only have a gown tailored to your personal style but also one that complements the distinct aesthetic of your wedding. This marks the beginning of your journey with us.

Custom Design

Based on your consultation, I will compile and sketch designs that will start to bring all of your ideas into reality. At this point, your dress will begin to evolve, and we can truly witness it taking shape into your very own bespoke wedding gown.

Fabric Selection

Experience a journey to Melbourne’s finest fabric suppliers, where a myriad of options from around the world awaits you. I will be beside you the whole time, you will have expert guidance to help you hand-select the perfect fabrics for your gown.

Made to Measure

Your gown is ready to become something real. I will meticulously hand make every feature of your gown and provide you with a perfect fit. Every aspect will be applied using the finest couture techniques.



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